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Adding Value Through Kitchen Remodeling

Since kitchens have become the center point of activity in homes over the last several decades, kitchen remodeling Colorado Springs companies have seen a huge uptick in projects. And it’s no wonder since remodeling a kitchen is the single value-added activity that provides them most return when selling your home than any other type of remodeling project.  It can be a lot of work, but the rewards are nothing short of magnificent. 

Since remodeling your kitchen can be such a robust undertaking, there are countless crucial facets to account for before starting the project. In addition to adding value to your home, you can also save time and money with energy saving kitchen appliances.   Though it can cost good deal of money, particularly if you’ll be getting a contractor for the job, the ROI can be well worth it. 

Renovation costs will fluctuate subject to the amount of new and innovative appliances that will be added, the quality of cabinetry work, the style of kitchen counters, and labor required to complete the project.

Along with adding value, giving your kitchen a makeover can provide you with extra storage space.  As long as you are deliberate in making the right choices during each phase of the project, you’ll find the end result to be well worth time.

The Cost Of Remodeling

Renovating a kitchen can cost anywhere from $12,000 to as much as $100,000 depending on the value of the home.  No matter what your budget is, it’s extremely essential to have an accurate estimate and know the potential costs.  This will give you the confidence that your renovation will be valuable.  

There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of a kitchen remodel Colorado Springs can offer you.  To get a precise one, you should contact a handful of skilled contractors. You could also try searching online for a home remodeling estimator, but keep in mind that they may not cover all areas of your project, especially if you have distinctive requests. No all kitchens are created equal, but a few of the key issues that involve the bottom line of a remodel are listed below: 

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If Murphy’s Law has it way, you know that no kitchen remodel is perfect and it’s likely that you will run into unforeseen drawbacks.  So it’s necessary to pad your estimate accordingly.

Calculating the cost of a kitchen remodel is enough for the staunchest of homeowners to run for the hills.  One of the many pitfalls that a homeowner can fall into when analyzing cost is to penny-pinch the wrong renovation.  Simply put, you don’t want to cut corners on important restorations while giving away the farm on less consequential ones. So to assist you to save money without sacrificing quality, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Refacing Cabinets - Is It Worth The Effort?

Many homeowners simply afraid to take up a kitchen cabinets Colorado Springs project redesign, and for good reason since remodeling kitchen cabinets can be a huge mess if not done right.  But there are alternatives like refinishing the surface of the cabinets which costs much less in work and time. 

So, what exactly is cabinet refacing? 

In a nutshell, refacing is when you or a contractor take your cabinets apart piece by piece and either sand down and re-stain them or apply veneers to the frames.  Once this has been completed, the new facings are added, and the cabinets are put back in their original places.  

What are the advantages of refacing? 

Although you can do a refacing by yourself, if you have no experience with it then you would be better off contacting one of the kitchen remodelers Colorado Springs has for you to use. 

Money Saving Ideas

If you’re operating on a shoestring budget and truly need to cut costs on your kitchen design Colorado Springs style, then here are 4 areas that might help: 

RTA Cabinets – Ready To Assemble cabinets are not only inexpensive costing a mere fraction of conventional alternatives, but they also come in a wide variety sizes, colors and designs to fit your functional and aesthetic needs.  

Doing It Yourself – With the advent of DIY books and manuals along with the more recent online video tutorials, more and more homeowners are tackling their home remodeling tasks on their own.  However, it’s a good idea not to jump into these things without knowing what your limitations are.  If the job is too much for you to handle (ie, plumbing and electrical) then there is no shame in calling an experience contractor in order to avoid any potential DIY pitfalls.

Frugal Shopping – It’s always to a good idea to shop for the best prices in materials, supplies and even contractors.  But don’t fall into the trap of resorting to the lowest price or the or the least expensive bid.  Search for reviews of the material you’re going to purchase, and get references on all contract work, even the expensive guys.  You don’t want to settle for inferior work just because it costs less.  

Space Efficiency – With smaller homes, the most common complaint is that you simply don’t have enough space.  When people run into this problem, the quick answer is to tear down a wall and give up a room.   Along with creating an imbalance in layout and functionality, this can be costly.  The key is to make use of the space you have by purchasing items that are just as efficient but more compact.