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Stucco has been used for thousands of years and this has been documented throughout history and many different regions.  It has been used in art as well as in the construction and design of many buildings.  Many stucco Colorado Springs builders have used it indoors as a way to add texture to ceilings and walls, and it’s preferred over many other materials for the exteriors of buildings due to its resilience and hardening properties that lends to its durability and resistance to weather. 

More recently, however, many Stucco companies in Colorado Springs have used it primarily as an insulator from brutal weather conditions.  Stucco is low in maintenance costs and can withstand the weather conditions that Mother Nature is known for.  It has also been used with other types of material, like stones, in order to provide a more decorative and textured design.  Stucco can be molded into just about any type of pattern such as those seen in aristocratic and religious buildings.  It is also a popular choice for many extravagant condos and apartment buildings and is a favorite in many Mediterranean style homes. 

How Is Stucco Made?

Stucco is usually made by mixing sand and lime with water and occasionally with cement.  Any color can be added to this mixture which can eliminate the need to paint later.  It is possible to add stucco over other materials, but this might require a bit of prep work. 

You can apply stucco directly over brick or cement so the building can be more water and weather resistant.  However, if the wall has just been painted or is crumbling anything covering the surface will need to be removed before the stucco mixture can be applied.  This is done so that it can better adhere to the surface longer.  

Stucco can also be applied to wood, but with a little bit of prep work.  For a smoother surface, one option is to add a thin coating first.  This thin coat with another thicker coat will help it adhere to the surface without the fear of it cracking or flaking off.  You can also contact a stucco over siding Colorado Springs contractor if you have a vinyl sided home. 

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Finding A Stucco Contractor

You may be tempted to call up the first Stucco contractor with a big ad that you find in the phone book, but this is not the best way.  Anyone and their Uncle can take out an ad, and having a larger ad only means that they were willing to spend more money on advertising.  Learning to apply Stucco is like just about any other skilled trade, it’s not only a science, but it’s also an art.  The Stucco contractors Colorado Springs has available for hire should be properly insured, licensed and bonded, and should have employees along with a portfolio of satisfied clients.  A contractor’s ethical business practices should also play a role in your hiring decision.  Doing a thorough background check on contractors first will save you a lot of extra work later on.  

First, you want to decide exactly what will need to be done in your project.  Then you’ll need to contact a few contractors and have them give you an estimate of the project.  Always be up front with them and let them know that you’ll be talking with other contractors and what their bids will be.  This can play to your favor when you’re negotiating price.  Throwing in some terminology about your specific needs will make you seem more knowledgeable than other potential clients, so hopefully they won’t be inclined to take advantage of you.  Once you have all the quotes, choose the median price.  A reputable contractor should give you a fair price.  A price that’s too low could mean that the contractor is still a little wet behind the ears, whereas a price that’s too high could mean that you’re dealing with a predatory contractor.  

A qualified contractor will have up-to-date licensing and insurance.  They should have this information either on hand or at their office.  Don’t be shy when asking for this information… it’s not bad manners, it’s just good business.  If the contractor keeps making excuses for not giving you copies of this information, then it is time to part company.  Getting this information will help you narrow down your selection.  From this point on, everything else will be based on the estimate completion time, how many employees will be needed, and a portfolio of their previous projects.  While knowing the number of employees that will be working on the project and what the completion is estimated to be, you’ll get a sense of the contractor’s efficiency.  Many workers over a long project time indicate a passive or lazy work ethic combined with a low level of skill.  Efficient contractors are driven to get the job done quickly so they can move on to the next project.  

Stucco Repair

Just like any other building material, stucco can be damaged.  Cracks, holes and chipping can appear.  Although cracking could simply be an indication that the Stucco itself is getting old, it could also mean that there may be an issue with the building’s foundation.  If this is the case, then the damage should be inspected by a foundation repair expert to make sure it’s not more extensive than originally thought.  

Whenever you see damage, it should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Water can seep into the cracks of the Stucco causing rot and other issues related to the structure.  A reputable stucco repair Colorado Springs contractor should be able to remedy most if not all the damage in a timely manner.   Stucco repair can be a difficult job, especially if you need to match up colors and textures.  The repair done to foundation cracks will also need to be waterproofed.  You also need to verify that any other structural issues that might be causing the cracks will be noted as well.  A good foundation contractor should be able to go over your property with a fine-toothed comb and provide you any valuable assessments concerning the Stucco repairs or any other issues that might need to be addressed.