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What Is Asphalt Paving?

Whether you own a commercial building or a small single-family home, you may want to investigate how asphalt paving can improve the overall aesthetics of your property.  Asphalt is one of the most resilient materials that asphalt contractors Colorado Springs can apply to a driveway, parking lot, road, or any other project.  It is made primarily of sand, stone, gravel, and liquid (petroleum) asphalt.  Paving a driveway is one of the best ways to keep it in good shape and is the best solutions for driving surfaces when working within a budget.  

However, all asphalt is not created equal because there are many ways that it can be made.  Depending on the materials used when making the asphalt, the prices can vary from $4-8 per square foot.  Also, with proper maintenance such as resurfacing and sealcoating, your asphalt surface can have a relatively long lifespan.  

After your chosen asphalt Colorado Springs company has installed your driveway, about every 2-3 years you will want to resurface it.  Asphalt contains natural oils that give it a dark black sheen; but over time and being exposed to the elements and daily wear and tear, your asphalt surface can break down and turn a gray-ish color.  You can prevent this by sealing it. 

Asphalt Seal Coating

To maintain the versatility of your asphalt surface, you can apply a special sealant which will also increase its longevity.  There are many seal coat Colorado Springs contractors that you can contact to have this done, or you can do it yourself.  By applying a seal coating, you can save a lot of time and expense.  This coating should be done every couple of years to protect the surface.  Repaving an asphalt surface can be very time intensive and expensive work and an overall hassle.  Using a seal coating is much less exhaustive and will have a less impact on your wallet in the long run. 

UV radiation (sunlight) is a big thorn in the flesh for asphalt surfaces as they are continually inundated with this radiation for several every day.  This relentless light and heat can break down asphalt and when this happens, the aggregate that holds it together will start to loosen up and deteriorate.  You might start seeing spots of sand which will lead to further break down with the surface becoming very rough.  Fixing this can be a huge headache, not to mention a drain on the bank account, which is why it’s so important to apply a seal coating about 6-9 months after the installation.  The formulation in the coating is specifically designed to safeguard against the radiation and maintain its strength and durability.  

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Asphalt VS Concrete

With all the ways that asphalt and concrete can be used, it’s no wonder that these two materials are a favorite pick in building and construction circles.  With regards to choosing between the two, the sticking point has usually been about the initial price.  

So which is best when it comes to parking areas or garage choices?  Here are a few pros and cons for both: 



Asphalt Driveway Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance can be divided up into 4 general areas… Patch Repair, Asphalt Overlay, Inlay/pulverize in place, and Seal Coating.  

Patch Repair – You want to apply patches to areas that are relatively isolated and use a backhoe or a grinder to cut away the damaged area. A general rule of thumb is that depth of the removal should be about 1.5 times the thickness of the application and should extend about 12 inches past the damaged area.  Once the area is completely removed, you can then apply the patch.  In most cases you may want to contact one of the many asphalt repair Colorado Springs companies that are found online. 

Asphalt Overlay – If your driveway is looking a little faded, then an overlay is a cheap fix so long as the existing pavement is in good shape.  A new sheet of asphalt can be applied which gives it a brand new and refreshed appearance.  Overlays are the least expensive of repairs and can last for years to come. 

Inlay/pulverize in place – Both of these methods can be completed with the use of a milling machine.  During the inlay, a much thicker section of the original application is removed.  After the original section is ground down (pulverized) it can be used to fill the hole. This will allow you to apply the asphalt at the original level. 

Seal Coating – Since this is a crucial part in the lifespan of your asphalt surface, it should not be overlooked.  As mentioned earlier, seal coating helps to keep your surface from premature deterioration from sunlight and water.  

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Hire An Asphalt Paving Contractor

Finding a dependable contractor can be a little overwhelming, but asking around and doing a few quick searches online for “asphalt paving Colorado Springs” will point you in the right direction and you should be able to find a reputable one relatively quickly.  The first thing you will want to do is get at least 3-5 quotes and pick the amount that is roughly in the middle and best fits within your budget.  Although you don’t want to immediately zero in on the least expensive one.  If there’s a price discrepancy of over $1000, it could mean that the least expensive one is also the least experienced one and will only apply a thin layer of asphalt which won’t last as long.  For the sake of longevity and low maintenance, it would be best to have one of many reputable asphalt companies Colorado Springs has in town.