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Thanks to modern technology, big construction tasks have been made amazingly simple and less time consuming.  Projects like excavation would not be easily accomplished without the help of excavating companies in Colorado Springs.  In fact, one skilled excavator operating a backhoe can do the work of 100 men equipped with just a shovel.

Below is a list if excavation methods used today: 

Horizontal Excavation – This method, commonly referred to as digging wide, is used primarily when the site is shallow, or no commercial or residential buildings are nearby. 

Vertical Excavation – If an area is highly populated with many points of occupancy, then this method (digging deep) would be the best approach.  

Step Trenching – This is a form of Vertical excavation that starts wide but narrows the deeper you dig. 

Cofferdams – In the event that side walls of an excavation site are prone to collapse, this method is the best approach.  

These methods of excavation are usually performed on an as needed basis and by professional excavators.  

What Is An Excavator?

An excavator is an industrial engineering vehicle that is used mainly for digging out holes, trenches, and larger areas for foundations.  Most people use the word ‘excavator’ for many different types of excavation Colorado Springs equipment, but a true excavator has an articulated arm, a bucket, and a cab that is attached on a revolving stand known as a pivot.  The stand sits atop the undercarriage with tracks or wheels.  They come in an assortment of sizes and can weigh as much as 95 tons with the smaller ones weighing in at just over 3,000 pounds.  These are commonly referred to as mini excavators or compact excavators.  What sets these apart is that all their actions and movements are bolstered by hydraulic fluid.  They have become extremely common in larger more populated cities due to the limited open space.  It’s easier to get a mini excavator into a smaller location where a larger one simply can’t.

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5 Types Of Excavators

The Backhoe – A Backhoe is the most popular excavating machine due to its size and relative ease of use.  Its large bucket faces the operating cab which allows it to dig in that direction.  The nice thing about the backhoe is that since it’s on a swivel, it can dig 360-degrees.  

The Bucket Wheel – A Bucket Wheel is designed with a huge wheel up front with many little buckets and shovels built into it.  When it is activated, the wheel rotates, the buckets dig up dirt rocks and dumped onto a conveyor belt.  The belt then transfers the dirt in a large container.  

The Dragline – The design of the dragline is very similar to that of the backhoe.  It has a group of lines and cables to assist the pulling movements of the bucket.  Unlike the backhoe, this design allows for deeper excavation, especially soggy and volatile ground. 

The Suction – Think of this excavator as a large vacuum cleaner that used to suck up dirt and rocks.  The main reason this device is ideal when there are pipes or other objects in the ground.  

The Steam Shovel – This is somewhat like the backhoe with two main distinctions.  First it operates primarily on steam, whereas the backhoe uses either an electric or diesel engine.  The second is that the bucket faces away from the excavator cab which makes it easier to use when your next to a wall

Hiring A Qualified Excavation Contractor

When looking for a reputable Colorado excavating company, there are a few checklist items to consider, whether for residential or commercial excavation, before you make your final decision.  Some companies will offer bulk packages for a construction project or may provide these services a la cart.  These packages can be offered by them exclusively or in association with other providers to get the job done on time and to the satisfaction of the client.  The checklist includes: 

The Package – The type is package offered is important base on the excavation services needed.  No two projects are the same and each can require a multitude of different services.  Consequently, you’ll need to consider the services offered very carefully to avoid going over budget.  Along with these packages, some excavating companies Colorado Springs has available may also offer complimentary services in these packages in order the sweeten the deal.  

The Associates – As the saying goes, “You are who you hang out with”, the associates of an excavating contractor are a good indicator of the quality work that they provide.  

The Background – Take a look at the work history of the companies that you are reviewing for your project.  If the company has a good background and reputation, this helps the client with making their decision.  

The Projects – The contractor’s clients, especially his current project’s clients, are a good indicator of the contractor’s work history and quality

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation is a safe method used by contractors especially if there are cabling and piping that must not be damaged.  Hydro excavation utilizes high pressured water to break up the dirt and debris around these utilities.  As mentioned earlier, this method is like using a giant vacuum cleaner to suck out water, dirt, gravel and other debris without damaging underground utilities.  The suction from a vacuum is created using high-powered fan system.  

Conventional methods often necessitate a contractor to work in a wide area which usually result in more time and money, which these companies truly don’t want.  In addition, the contractor’s employees and the community are exposed to a small amount of risk and potential bodily harm.  Lowering cost is a natural result of less site preparation.  

The price of hydro vacuum excavation services hinge on a number of factors: the condition of the site and ease of access, the amount of time needed for completing the job including the likelihood of any delay. It’s vital to point out that this is more costly than the normal techniques of excavation. Nevertheless, the value posed by this process in terms of security and dependability cannot be matched by other methods.