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Building a deck for your home is a fantastic way to add to the enjoyment of your home and a place for you and your family to spend quality time like cookouts, birthday parties, family reunions, or just spending a lazy Sunday out in the sun, etc.  But deciding on a design and going the process of building it can be a little intimidating.  So, should you build the deck yourself or contact a few Colorado Springs deck builders?  

Well, if you’re the handyman type, then nothing would give you more satisfaction than breaking the old toolbelt, drawing up a design and getting to work.  Even if you’re a DIY guy, there is an endless supply of manuals and videos (especially on YouTube) of deck construction.  But if you’re the type who wouldn’t really doesn’t know the difference from a hammer and hole in the ground, then I would suggest making a list of the best quality deck builders Colorado Springs has to offer and start calling for quotes.  

Constructing a deck does take a bit of skill and expertise that the average Joe might not have.  For example, most may not know that deck flashing should be installed in order to prevent moisture and heat from seeping in the interior of the home or keeping conditioned air from leaking out.  Most builders nowadays choose copper since it’s compatible with the chemicals used in the treatment of lumber.  Deck posts are the foundation of a sturdy and reliable deck and support the entire structure from collapsing.  So, it’s necessary, especially with tall decks that you have beams that can withstand heavy winds.  Today, steel columns are gaining in popularity because of the rugged support offered in addition to low maintenance costs.  

Unfortunately, due to faulty construction and the wrong use of materials, it can be common for accidents to happen.  Also, before you start building your deck, you need to make sure you have the appropriate building permits.  This is an important requirement in the construction process for safety. So, here are a few tips when it comes to the basics of deck building and maintenance that a skilled Colorado Springs deck builder will consider:

Sealed Wood

You always want to use sealed wood on your deck, because unsealed wood can start to break down after about a year or so.  Also, unsealed wood will make your deck look old and worn out.  

Risers & Railing

When your contractor starts building your deck, they will want close up any open spaces so as to avoid any accidents.  For example, if you have small children or grandkids, their feet could slip in between the open space beneath the stairs when walking up the steps.  Also, decks should never be built without a railing on the staircase… this can make it difficult for you or anyone else from keeping their balance and consequently falling. 

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Railing Heights & Spacing

Your contractor must stick to the safety codes that are specific for your area.  The most important of these are the measurements for railing height and baluster spacing.  It can be a huge safety risk if these practices aren’t followed.  For example, are low railing may allow someone to fall over them and get injured.  Likewise, if your balusters aren’t properly spaced, kids can get stuck in between them or worse walk through them and fall off the deck.  

Deck Footing

Footings are a necessary element in deck building since they give a solid foundation for deck support.  The design of your deck will play a part in how live and dead loads are spread out from the different areas of your deck to the concentrated points that come in contact with your ground.  

These are the things that can often go overlooked during a DIY deck building project, so it might be a good idea to contact a deck builder Colorado Springs has available for the best quality build. 

Keeping You Deck The Envy Of The Neighborhood

So, now that you’re the owner of a gorgeous deck, what are some things that you need to do to make sure it doesn’t lose its luster?  Let’s start with the following:  

Sealing Off Cut Ends

This may or may not have been done during the construction process, but if it wasn’t, then you will want to make sure to apply a sealant to ends of the lumber used.  I’m not talking about your standard deck treatment, but a quality impenetrable sealant.  Even if your contractor used lumber that was pressure treated, cutting these boards or driving screws through them so that the head of the screw is below the surface can allow water to seep into the unprotected areas of the wood.  Pressure treatment can only go so far, so be vigilant and make sure that every nail, screw and cut area open to the elements are adequately sealed.  If you deck is brand new, you will want to wait a few months to make sure that the wood is thoroughly dried and that the sealant is applied on a warm, sunny day.  

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Regular Cleaning

If left unattended, dirt and grime can cause a fair amount of damage to the wood.  If your kids track mud all over your deck, you should clean it immediately.  However, you don’t want to pressure wash it because doing this on a regular basis can cause your deck to break down prematurely.  Using a simple water hose and a nylon bristle brush should do the job.  

Deck Repair

Every year you’ll want to check your deck for any troubled areas that may need repair.  Here is a checklist: 

If you do find any trouble areas, call a Colorado Springs deck repair contractor for an estimate.